About Us

EVE SA - History
Founded in 1970, EVE SA, a privately held and operated corporation, specializes in the import and export of household items, gifts, and 
furniture of every kind. 
After forty years EVE SA now serves customers in 35 international 
markets and collaborates with more than 150 manufacturers around the world, importing/exporting over 35,000 different products.

EVE SA - Brands
EVE SA is engaged in product/brand development, sourcing, and 
wholesaling activities far beyond the scope of the company’s initial 
inception. Brands such as S&P Salt & Pepper, Hd Home Design, 
Valery, Ashley Furniture, MBM, Bobble, and Resysta to name a few.

EVE SA - Headquarters
EVE SA’s headquarters, located in Athens, Greece is a privately 
owned facility (12,000 m² ) only 3 miles from Athens International 
Airport as well as domestic warehousing/logistics (23,000m²) . 
An additional showroom is located in Thessaloniki (3,600m²), 
the second largest city in Greece.

EVE SA - Strategy
Key growth strategies are: to selectively expand its channels of distribution in new important markets, to increase sales in existing markets by continuing to develop new products at a competitive price and consistent quality; to increase its control over product supply; to enhance customer sales through creative and effective marketing programs; and to provide superior customer service insuring a successful relationship with its customer base.

EVE SA - Commitment
We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for what we do. 
We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, partners, and employees by honouring our commitments, providing solutions, and striving for advancement. Our strategy for success is based on these strong relationships from which innovation is born. 
Innovation is the foundation of our company.